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Aquael pat mini aquarium internal filter

The Aquael pat mini has now been renewed and has received an extra fine sponge (so you will receive 2 sponges with the filter!), Which is ideal for shrimp.

Borneo Wild Frenzy shrimp supplementary feed 50g

13.55  11.50 
Borneo Wild Frenzy Shrimp Food | with biological raw materials | Additional food as a small treat 50g tin

Borneowild Bacter crystal 80 grams

15.25  12.50 
Borneowild Bacter Crystal shrimper water purifier or aquarium Bacter crystal Substrate aquarium 80 g can

BorneoWild Beanee 50g

BorneoWild Beanee Extra Food | to promote growth and skinning | rich in calcium and proteins 50g

BorneoWild Bee Ball 100gr

BorneoWild Bee Ball ceramic balls made of bamboo charcoal special food for baby and young prawns 100gr

BorneoWild Bee Pollen 50gr

BorneoWild Bee Pollen | Shrimp feed additive | Rich in minerals Proteins & growth stimulators 50g

BorneoWild Boost P 135 ml

BorneoWild Boost P | nutrient rich soil additive | favored plant growth | recommended for densely planted aquariums 135 ml

BorneoWild Crimson 30 gr

14.40  12.50 
BorneoWild Crimson supplement with minerals and macronutrients for Caridina shrimp 30 gr

BorneoWild Dance 40ml

21.20  19.95 
BorneoWild Dance water stimulator to support the growth and shedding of shrimp 40ml

BorneoWild GH + 90 gr

10.15  8.50 
BorneoWild GH + balanced mix of calcium and magnesium salts water neutralizer for shrimp power chlorine harmless 90gr

BorneoWild Gold Ingot 40g

BorneoWild Gold Ingot Shrimp Food | promotes growth | strengthens the yellow color of Neocardina Shrimp 40g

BorneoWild Grow 40g

BorneoWild Grow quality food for shrimp | with Shrimp Guard for protection against infections | Rich in vitamins and Chlorella 40g